Email Call Now! +(020) – 26130408 / +31 685386532 ( Netherlands )
Email Call Now! +(020) – 26130408 / +31 685386532 ( Netherlands )


Technological infrastructure in the business hikes the efficiency and relationships of the business. Advanced use of technology especially for Voice Powered Outreach is leading into great user engagement. As science creates more havoc, people have started choosing conversational interfaces over the graphical interface. The website is no longer used only for information but also for creating an impression that the business is larger and more successful. Lemonator believes in user of enhanced advancements and injects a dose of freshness in the design interfaces.

Voice Powered Outreach

Leading the great shift in customer engagement is the switch-over from graphical interfaces to conversational interfaces. With more than 100 million people already on devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, having a presence on voice channels is becoming as basic as having a website. The Lemonator can help Brands adopt and make the most of this comfortable and natural method to communicate with their customers. His team can also build advanced capabilities like providing detailed product information using a meaningful chat interface, enabling voice-based transactions, pushing promotions to customers via voice assistants, and collecting customer feedback.


Gone are the days when websites were just a means to inform people of your business. Today, with the advent of scalable technologies they have evolved for you to get a lot more done. As your new-age marketing partner, the Lemonator creates websites that help your customers chat in real time with your company representatives, showcase your product through demo videos, get higher listings in search results through SEO, build brand dialogue by integrating social media channels and convert customers by capitalizing on features of smart devices.

UI/UX Development

The battle for consumer mindspace is won or lost on screens; much like the one you are watching right now. With teams working from offices in Singapore, India and New Zealand the Lemonator injects a dose of freshness in the design interface to enable ease of use and enhance the overall appeal for the user. Using the latest technologies, the Lemonator designs highly responsive and visually pleasing website and application interfaces that are focused on how quickly and easily users can get what they are looking for, while enjoying the experience.

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