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About Us

About Us

A splash of freshness. A dash of sharpness.

That’s what the Lemonator’s Vitamin R formula brings to the table. It’s a radical new recipe that refreshes, revitalizes and rejuvenates brands. 

Led by content, driven by design and underpinned by technology this revolutionary rubric is the Lemonator’s way of infusing new life in a market that’s thirsty for original, groundbreaking ideas.

Much before disruption and growth-hacking became marketing buzzwords his sharp, perspicacious teams in Singapore, India and New Zealand were already using this formula to differentiate brands by building unique positioning platforms.

The Lemonator begins by peeling off irrelevant layers of brand communication to reach deep inside; into the ripe, rich pulp that matters.

Then he gently squeezes out the elusive brand essence. He follows it up with a generous sprinkling of Vitamin R which keeps brands zesty and healthy. The dreaded cancer of brand stagnation is pushed far, far away.  

Just a few drops of this powerful potion can bring out the flavor of all the other ingredients of your marketing mix and liven up your brand by adding more zing to your market offering.

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