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Voice Site

Lemonator understands the new age media and voice site is an innovative approach towards the promotion of a business. The Gospel truth is that 90% of the people prefer voice commands to type. With the emergence of smart speakers, and billions of people owning Alexa Lemonator convinces the demands of the latest technological marketing quest. Hence, Lemonator procures a chance to the business to get engaged in their Customized Voice site services that provokes the costumer’s heart and makes communication easy and prominent.


Basic Voice Site

One of the newest technology of voice recognition enables your customers to search for services and products you provide over customer facing voice system. This helps you to create an easy and affective way to promote your business. According to a survey, nearly 50% of people are now using voice search when researching products. Just tell us what you want for the people to search and leave the rest to us.

Interactive voice site

As the new age media we understand how important it is to have an innovative approach to grab more and more of your audience’s attention. Let’s face it about 90% of the people doesn’t like to type lengthy questions or read a long paragraph. This is why we are willing to offer you a chance to experience the true capabilities of your business. The new Interactive voice-site enables your audiences to have real-time conversation with customer facing voice system like Alexa. Partner up with lemontree media and let your voice-site do the talking.

Customized voice site

Why stay limited when you can expand your business on the trendiest and fast changing voice-site service.  Yes, you can now easily have a customized voice-site in just a no. of days. Let people know about your products or services, ask for feedbacks and many more. Our dedicated digital team works on the details you give them and put that information to your voice-site. As a fact, more than three quarter of all businesses are planning to invest in customer facing voice system.


Gone are the days when one had to one had to have a radio to listen to podcasts. Today, with the emergence of smart speakers one can easily hear to podcasts of their choice by simply commanding the customer facing voice system to play them for you. Now, as a new age media company we understand how important it is for a company to reach its target audience with the right approach. Updating your company to the newest technology is one way to do it. And of course we can’t look away from the fact that about 8.2 billion people are estimated to own an Amazon Echo.

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