Email Call Now! +(020) – 26130408 / +31 685386532 ( Netherlands )
Email Call Now! +(020) – 26130408 / +31 685386532 ( Netherlands )


Explainer or Demo videos help the newly recruited employees to understand the work culture and process. Corporate videos mostly used for marketing and sales, targeting the customer demands that may yield desired results of profits. Promotions are best played when you target the brains and emotions of your customers. Lemonator is well acquainted with the corporate technics and understands the telegenic mind of the Customers.

Explainer and Demo Videos

Sometimes it takes a simple visual demonstration to substantiate features and corroborate technical specifications of a product. The Lemonator is a past master at putting together videos which ensure that the viewers get a quick grasp of the subject. This enhances comprehension of complex ideas, features and processes. Our explainer and product demos break learning barriers, making them a great mnemonic resource for training your team and motivating your employees.

Corporate Films

The Lemonator is a natural choice for those who wish to create a strong first impression with film. With tropes that capture organizational culture, values and products in the best possible light, the Lemonator’s film crews work alongside clients to tell an engrossing story while staying brand compliant. With more than a 100 films under his belt, the Lemonator has the expertise and the experience to deliver outstanding outcomes. 

Short promotional Video

When it comes to fast, easily- consumable content, video is by far the clear favorite for marketers. The Lemonator has cracked the code of video film-making, enabling your brand to deliver powerful messages in a few blinks of the eye. Lemonator’s sharp production teams weave visually rich stories that provide viewers the evidence to take informed marketing decisions with confidence.

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