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Email Call on +91 9398415281


Project Detail

ICRJ International Court For Racial Justice is a body that encourages a community dedicating to work for benefiting the injustice happened to the people who has built the economy of the modern America. They work with educators who express out the need of education in the society.

Problem Statement / Objective of the engagement.

ICRJ wanted an Emotional, Impactful film to share with bourgeois, high-level government dignitaries, corporates, International Social Organizations and the citizens of America.


Role played by Lemontree Media Works Pvt Ltd.

The film demanded an expo to show 500 hundred old scenarios, which were not available, and most of the visuals were portrayed imaginary. Lemontree Proposed to spawn an animated film where we can create strong visuals in a very precise manner.


What was delivered?

Lemontree had created a strong script that talked about the modern America and takes you back in the 15th Century where the base of the progress has been established. Lemontree created equally strong animation, supporting the script including some series of motion graphics as well.

This film received lot of appreciation from all across the globe including high dignitaries.